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Who & What is Voice Thru Your Hands?

Why should I use NZ Sign Language?

Doesn't using Sign Language stop people from talking?

Isn't NZ Sign Language only for the Deaf Community?

Where do I learn more about Visual Communication and NZ Sign Language?


Communication is so important for us all; however for some of us it is more difficult than others.

VTYH is a non-profit charitable trust that nurtures the use of NZSL as a mode of communication.  They demonstrate effective communication by valuing expression and understanding.


These videos have been created to answer these questions and more. It's about building awareness to reaching more families and professionals through these videos. We have also had them translated into NZSL from Seeflow productions.

We would like to thank "the making a difference fund" for making this project a success. Seed group and Seeflow for producing the videos and a special thank you to Dr Anne Toth from Canada who shares her research on the benefits of using sign language within the hearing community.


Please click below to view the videos:

Introduction about Voice Thru Your Hands Charitable Trust.
Research behind the importance of using Sign Language for the hearing community.
Why using Sign Language and Visual Communication is so important.
Voice Thru Your Hands fabulous workshops – Find out more here!
How New Zealand Sign Language
has enhanced Tarryn’s life.

Please click below to view the videos:

NZSL – Tarryn’s Journey
NZSL – Dr Anne Toth
NZSL – Introduction of VTYH
NZSL – Why Sign Language
NZSL – VTYH Workshops