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To live in an inclusive society which values all forms of communication. 


To be a ‘representative voice’ for those with ‘communication diversity’ to the wider Community.  


We nurture the use of NZSL as a mode of communication.  We demonstrate effective communication       by valuing expression and understanding.

Position Statement:

Communication is a right not a privilege!

Our Values and Philosophy:

VTYH Trust encourages and enables individuals to decide for themselves what communication modes are best for them or their family members.  Also they provide them with the steps needed to achieve their goals through using NZSL.

VTYH is dedicated to providing support to every person to find their own voice through NZSL.  

The organisation will be culturally sensitive to the diverse cultural backgrounds of members, as well as to New Zealand's dual heritage in relation to the Treaty of Waitangi. 


VTYH Supports:

Every person has a right to communicate;

Every person has a right to be able to fully express themselves;

Every person has a right to be acknowledged as a valued member of society; and

Every person has a right to access lifelong learning.