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http://nzsignsinging.wikispaces.com/home - Sign Singing
http://homepages.mcs.vuw.ac.nz/~pondy/nzsl/ - Online NZSL Dictionary
www.kdec.school.nz - Kelston Deaf Education Centre
www.deaftravel.co.uk - Deaf Travel
www.vanasch.school.nz - van Asch Deaf Education Centre
www.nzsign.co.nz - Videos of NZSL
www.deaf.org.nz - Deaf Aotearoa New Zealand
www.nzslta.org.nz - New Zealand Sign Language Teachers Association
www.deafradio.co.nz - Deafradio a Deaf-run NZ Sign Language hub, creating innovative opportunities.  They deliver high quality services that honour the value of NZSL and the Deaf Community
www.seeflow.co.nz - an online translation service, making information accessible in English & NZ Sign Language.  Fast, easy, and Efficient to use!!
http://www.waynerickard.com/links.html - Wayne Rickard Photography 
Legislation/Human Rights
www.hdc.org.nz - Health & Disability Commissioner NZ
www.odi.govt.nz - The Office for Disability
www.odi.govt.nz - Issues
Education Related

http://www.ieag.org.nz - Inclusive Education Action Group

http://www.nzsl.tki.org.nz/ - Ministry of Education NZSL in schools

http://mydeafcommunity.co.uk/resources/downloads/bsl-fingerspelling-font/ - Finger Spelling Font

minedu.govt.nz - Ministry of Education
www.tki.org.nz/e/schools/ - Directory of schools - Great website if you want to check out schools throughout NZ
www.ero.govt.nz - Education Review Office - check out any ERO report on all schools in NZ

Government related
www.workandincome.govt.nz -Work and Income New Zealand
www.govt.nz/en/home/ - GOVT NZ- find any national or government related information from this website.
Disability Related Websites
www.wdsa.co.nz - Wellington Down Syndrome Association
www.disabilitysolutions.org/news.htm - Disability Solutions - A Resource for Families
www.eparent.com/ - Exceptional Parent
www.inclusion.com - Inclusion Press Friends Resource Page
www.specialchild.com - Special ChildFor Parents of Children with Disabilities
www.supported-parenting.com -Supported parenting for mothers and fathers with learning difficulty
www.tash.org - TASH Homepage
www.un.org - United Nations website
www.ihc.org.nz - New Zealand IHC