Who is VTYH?

Voice Thru Your Hands is a charitable trust governed by people with a lived experience of needing to find alternative communication tools.  Our team come from a range of backgrounds including Deaf, parents, teachers and nurses.  VTYH created these resources to support the use of dual communication. We encourage the use of dual communication with tamariki so they may fully express themselves and be understood.


Our Dedication

Voice Thru Your Hands (VTYH) promotes and encourages dual communication in all situations.  Published research has shown that using a dual communication mode enhances tamariki (Childrens’) social interactions, lowers frustrations and supports spoken language.   For over nine years VTYH has led the New Zealand market providing whānau (families) and professionals with information and resources. These resources provide the opportunity to practically implement the use of New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) in their day-to-day lives.   

 VTYH advocates for all individuals with 'communication diversity', e.g: Down syndrome, Verbal Dyspraxia, Autism     etc.  Voice Thru Your Hands follows the guidelines of the communication continuum where an individual              communicates anywhere within these parameters.








 Transcript to video

Peter is a profoundly Deaf Man
Tarryn has Down syndrome and a slight hearing impairment but uses 
Sign Language to communicate due to verbal language delay
Mum is Ally who is hearing but has learnt NZSL at night school and Deaf studies paper at Victoria University
Molly is a hearing caregiver


Peter is trying to get Tarryn's attention
Tarryn: You Peter coming to Australia?
Peter: Me coming to Australia, YES YES
Tarryn: WOW
Tarryn to Mum: He (Pointing at Peter) is coming with me
Peter: (Laughs)
Peter: (Get Tarryn's attention) you want to go on rollercoaster?
You see what?
See what?
Mmmm you see what in Australia?
You want to go on rollercoaster, more? One, two three things?
First rollercoaster, second what?
Tarryn: (points at Molly) Molly (sign name) coming to Australia
Peter: Molly coming to Australia
Tarryn: yes
Peter: Money where?
Thinking mmmm?
Tarryn (to mum) Mum (speaking) (Points) molly (points) come to Australia (sign)
			..... ha ha ha (speaking)
Tarryn (to mum) Molly coming to Australia
Peter: you pay for molly (points) to go to Australia?
You pay for flight?
Tarryn: Yes ...... ha ha ha mum
Peter: (to Ally (Tarryn's Mum)) She like Rollercoaster, more ?
Peter: You want to meet Sponge Bob?
Tarryn: Yes
Peter: You run up give him a hug?
Tarryn: Yes and Patrick
Peter: Oh yes
Tarryn: is over there I give him a hug
Peter: Yes hug
Tarryn: (to molly) you meet sponge bob in Australia with me?
Molly: me and you?
Tarryn: Yes meet sponge bob